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  • New NC Casino Danville Impact, Henry County Makes A Future Plan, Rockingham Jail Loses Insurance

New NC Casino Danville Impact, Henry County Makes A Future Plan, Rockingham Jail Loses Insurance

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So, one of the big stories this past week is the announcement of construction of the Catawba tribal casino, which is about 35 miles west of Charlotte. They say it will open in 2026. They have been running a temporary casino at this spot for years already now.

Despite, what a few on social media are saying, I doubt this casino, when finished, will have much of an impact on the Danville Caesars Casino or the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino. They are just going to be better spots, I believe, but it’s easier too for most people, living in the Piedmont areas, to get to Danville or Cherokee than it is to the Catawba Casino west of Charlotte, because of the awful Charlotte traffic if you are not already in that area. It’s just a big pain to get there from Greensboro, Raleigh, much less Danville. I’ve never been there and never plan to go. The temporary casino there was operating way before the Danville temporary tent opened last year too and it hasn’t stopped that success.

New NC Casino Construction

Big Story For Southside

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