Henry County to Update Comprehensive Plan

Henry County residents will soon get the chance to shape the future of their community by participating in an update to the county’s comprehensive plan. 

The Henry County Board of Supervisors officially began the process Tuesday by awarding a contract to Berkley Group, LLC, in the amount of $212,139 to provide planning services over the next two years for a complete rewrite of the county’s comprehensive plan. 

A comprehensive plan is a master document that expresses and regulates public policy on transportation, utilities, land use, recreation and housing. 

“The last time that Henry County updated its comprehensive plan was 1995,” said Lee Clark, Director of Planning, Zoning and Inspections. “Times have changes significantly since then and this update will encapsulate those changes, as well as provide some direction on how our community wants to grow in the coming decades.” 

The process will include numerous opportunities for public engagement. As part of this initiative, surveys and questionnaires will be developed to solicit feedback from Henry County residents. Four public workshops are also planned to address county-wide and neighborhood-specific issues. 

Following the data collection and community engagement periods, Berkley will work with the county to draft policy solutions to comply with the new comprehensive plan. 

“The plan will serve as a foundation to guide the growth and land development of the entire county,” Clark said. “It is one of the most important tools the county has in terms of planning and this process is a way for residents to impact their community for generations to come.”

An interactive website will be created to provide information and updates to residents throughout the project. More updates will be provided from the county as the project gets underway. 

In other matters, the Board:

  • Received an update on the local energy efficiency action plan and set a public comment period for the plan, scheduled to end June 24, 2024.

  • Awarded a contract to Vest Sales and Services, Inc., in the amount of $199,969 for the re-chassis of an existing 2019 ambulance to a 2025 Ford 4x4. 

  • Awarded a contract to TK Elevator in the amount of $78,402 to update the elevator cabs and shafts in the Henry County Administration Building. 

  • Awarded a contract to Excel Truck Group in the amount of $389,513 for the purchase of a 2025 Mack LR front loading garbage truck. 

  • Awarded a contract to D.H. Griffin in the amount of $349,000 for the demolition of the previous jail building. 

  • Awarded a contract to Bassett Office Supply to supply and deliver supplies to county offices. The contract does not include a set amount of expenditures because purchases will be based on how many office supplies are needed at the time of purchase. 

  • Approved an additional appropriation of $20,000 received from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development to hire a licensed surveyor to reconfigure 31 existing lots into 16 building lots for the Villa Heights Housing Project. 

  • Approved an additional appropriation of $15,698 received from the U.S. Department of Justice State Criminal Alien Assistance Program for deputy overtime, special operations, and off-site security of inmates during medical procedures. 

  • Approved an additional appropriation of $1.5 million received from the Virginia Appalachian Regional Commission and a Community Development Block Grant for renovations to the Historic Fieldale Community Center. 

  • Approved an additional appropriation of $1,341 from State Asset Forfeiture Funds for the purchase of furniture and fixtures. 

  • Approved a transfer of $406,022 from the school’s Administration/Attendance and Health Category to the transportation and operations and maintenance categories. The funds will be used to purchase two new school buses and to upgrade school surveillance systems and classroom door locks. 

  • Approved a resolution honoring Mike Arnold for his 35 years of service to the county. 

  • Approved a resolution recognizing the 65th Anniversary of the Martinsville-Henry County Chamber of Commerce. 

  • Approved a resolution recognizing May 2024 as National Foster Care Month. 

  • Approved a resolution establishing Ques Transport, LLC, as a designated emergency response agency. 

  • Awarded the inaugural Community Connected Citizen Award to Patrick Rodgers, James Rodgers, and Mike Matherly. 

  • Appropriated the fiscal year 2024-2025 total county and school budgets.

  • Set a public hearing on July 23, 2024, to consider solar siting agreements with C.F. VA Solar.

  • Appropriated $28,00 from the Board’s contingency fund to purchase three lots and demolish an existing structure related to the Villa Heights Housing Project. 

  • Reappointed Michael Smith and Sandra Adams to the Parks and Recreation Board.

  • Reappointed Stuart Warren, Wayne Moore, Gary Collins to the Patrick & Henry Community College Board.

  • Reappointed Garrett Dillard and appointed Bill Adkins to the Piedmont Regional Community College Board.