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Donald Trump Weighs In On Tuesday's Huge VA 5th District Primary Vote

In Southside Virginia, there is an important Republican Primary for Congress in Virginia’s Fifth District that now has the attention of the national media, because Donald Trump has weighed in on it. On Tuesday, June 18, Republicans can vote and choose whether they want the incumbent Bob Good or his Trump endorsed challenger John McGuire to carry the party’s ticket for them this November.

This may be the most important Republican Primary in Virginia in years, because Donald Trump and his Presidential campaign have not only endorsed McGuire, but have warned voters that Bob Good is “bad for Virginia and bad for the USA.” Donald Trump stated this in his first comments on the race he made on Truth Social back in May.

In the Presidential primaries, Bob Good endorsed Florida Governor DeSantis and not former President Donald Trump, before DeSantis dropped out, and, according to an investigative report by Brietbart, his campaign director Diana Shores was against Trump as he battled for the Republican nomination way back in 2015 and 2016, actually working to turn people against him at the Republican convention. When a Trump store opened in Farmville, in February, Bob Good came and caused a disruption and then Mrs. Shores called the police.

People who support Donald Trump in Virginia’s Fifth District and think of themselves as part of the Trump movement have no choice but to go and vote for McGuire, because if Bob Good wins I have no doubt national media pundits will claim that it shows that Trump is not as strong as people think. They will say that even Republican and conservative voters don’t care about what Trump says to hurt Trump.

Last week, Donald Trump put out this video statement on the race, telling people how important it is to go out and vote for John McGuire for him.

The Trump campaign attorney sent the Good campaign a letter telling them to take down their campaign signs that have Trump and Good’s name both on them, trying to fool people into thinking Trump has his endorsement when he does not. The Good signs have not been taken down.

Here is that letter.

The letter from the Trump campaign says that the Bob Good campaign signs are a “fraud,” because they “falsely imply” that Trump supports him when Trump is fighting hard against him, endorsing John McGuire.

If you want Trump to win in November then you need to go out and vote for John McGuire on Tuesday and tell others how badly misleading the Bob Good signs they see on the roads really are. The signs are no good. As Trump would say they are a disgrace.

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-Editor, Mike Swanson